EFTPOS, in the Cloud!

Cloud EFTPOS, the next generation payments processing solution for attended, unattended and mobile retailing.

Open for business 24x7, Cloud EFTPOS helps remove the challenges of managing large networks of distributed middleware by offering a centralised cloud based platform for transaction processing and network management.

The system offers multiple levels of security providing centralised authentication, configuration and management of remotely connected Users, PINpads and Devices through an online web portal, also providing real time transaction reporting and data export capabilities.


Cloud based payments processing for virtually any type of POS including browser and thin-client based solutions

Single processing solution across attended, unattended and mobile retailing use cases

Supports USB, RS232, IP and wireless pairing based PINpads

Little or no EFT middleware required

Highly secure with Cloud based User, PINpad and Device authentication

24x7 Fully redundant server architecture across multiple data centres

Accessible via Internet or private VPN

Web based setup and configuration, with remote configuration of connected terminals and devices

Multi-host support

Centralised web based transaction reporting and data export

Online receipts storage with email capability

For traditional retail situations using USB or RS232 connected PINpads, Cloud EFTPOS provides a convenient lightweight cross-platform EFT client offering a simple POS interface.

Installed in minutes, the Cloud EFTPOS Wedge provides a set of integration APIs for Windows, Mac and Linux based POS systems, as well as a Javascript option for single web page browser based POS applications.

Cloud EFTPOS Wedge manages the PINpad local connection, as well as the upstream connection to the Cloud.

For Retail!

For Self Service!

In unattended customer self-service situations such as vending, ticketing and parking, or when using an Ethernet or 3G-enabled PINpad, Cloud EFTPOS provides a native upstream connection option directly from the PINpad.

Self-service POS systems can integrate with the PINpad over TCP/IP, RS232 or MDB (as applicable) without the need for any external integration software.

For Mobile Businesses!

Quest MT330

For native iOS, Android and Windows mobile applications utilising wireless pairing-enabled PINpads, Cloud EFTPOS provides a payments module that minimises integration effort.

The Cloud EFTPOS for Mobile SDK offers functions for wireless connectivity including pairing, tendering User Interface, plus a suite of common administrative functions simplifying management and support of any mobile solution.

For Thin Client!

Cloud EFTPOS provides a convenient  thin client processing solution for server-based POS solutions by offering a centralised POS integration interface directly to the Cloud.

Ideal for POS systems delivered via virtualised desktops or via a terminal/server architecture, Cloud EFTPOS can be used to provide a fully integrated payments solution for IP-enabled PINpads, or for USB/RS232 PINpads in conjunction with the Cloud EFTPOS Wedge.

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