Integrating your PINpad with a Point of Sale system has never been simpler - Integrated EFTPOS.


Designed for PC based POS applications, EftposPlus not only enables card payment transactions to be initiated from the POS, it also provides a multitude of sophisticated features such as multi-bank switching, communications aggregation, database reporting, and even interactive network management across your entire estate of payment terminals.


Whether you have one lane or thousands, EftposPlus will provide a total card payment acceptance solution for your retail system.

EFTPOS, plus a whole lot more!


International Support

EftposPlus is independent of financial institutions and switches, communications networks, POS systems and PINpads making it a truly global solution.



A solution for Windows, Linux and DOS operating systems.


Industry Standard

Uses TCP/IP, ODBC and 3DES industry standard components.


Multi-device support

Supports both single and multi-acquirer PINpads such as QT720, unattended PINpads such as UT430, as well as Contactless Readers and mobile devices.


Software Download

Download new versions of software for all or selected stores with a single mouse click.


IP based architecture

Can utilise an IP based WAN to centrally deliver transactions to financial institutions using high speed communications.

Inbuilt Encryption and Data Compression

Transaction security maintained even when using open public networks such as the Internet.


Full Communications Redundancy

Provides the highest degree of system uptime through automatic fail over to multiple gateways or secondary in-store communication channels such as PSTN or wireless.


Database Replication

Transaction data can be securely replicated from stores to a central database to provide real time group-level visibility of EFTPOS transactions.


Full Network Management

The EftposPlus Explorer tool provides a mechanism to remotely control all aspects of the EFTPOS network in real time, including PINpad software download and real time diagnostics.


SDMS+Guardian interface

Plug-in integration with SDMS+Guardian provides asset tracking, and scheduled software update capabilities.


Central Server Nodes


Intel or compatible 1Ghz or faster processor (2Ghz or faster recommended)


256MB RAM (1GB or more is recommended)


Windows 2000 or above (Windows Server 2003 or above recommended)


TCP/IP connection


Microsoft SQL Express Server 2005 or above (SQL 2008 R2 Express is recommended)


8GB free disk space recommended


(500MB free disk space for EftposPlus applications and 200MB+ for data storage*)

Store Nodes


Intel or compatible 600Mhz or faster processor (1Ghz or faster recommended)


128MB RAM (512MB or more is recommended)


Windows NT4.0 SP6a or above (Windows XP or above recommended)


TCP/IP connection


Microsoft MSDE 2000 or above (SQL 2005 R2 Express is recommended)


2GB free disk space recommended

* data storage requirement is 2Kb per transaction. 1,000 transactions per day is equivalent to 2MB per day data storage.

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