Quest offers a comprehensive range of payment solutions for the petroleum industry, ranging from traditional fully integrated EFTPOS for PC POS including contactless payments, through to unattended payment solutions for automated fuel dispensing on the forecourt 24 hours a day.


Quest’s QT720 terminal provides a fast and efficient card processing solution for fuel retailers, including the ability to process selected fuel cards directly on the device.


On the forecourt, Quest’s Outdoor Payment Terminal incorporating PayStation PINpad delivers the ability to accept debit, credit, fuel cards and white cards for the automatic dispensing of fuel products to your customers. OPT can even be used in fully unmanned and remote sites, with direct monitoring over the Internet for remote management of the entire system as well as reconciliation of fuel sales.

Petroleum Solutions

  Forecourt payment solutions

  Debit, credit, fuel & white card processing

  Remote, unmanned solutions


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