Fundraising for Charities

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An on-site self-serve kiosk solution that makes it easy for your charity to collect donations directly from your supporters.  It helps you save time in managing volunteer networks, and reduces the cost of commissions paid to third party collectors, maximising donation revenues.

Donation Point Kiosk combines the Quest UT430 unattended payment terminal with a 12 inch high resolution colour touch-screen tablet PC.  Donation Point Kiosk accepts payments from EFTPOS debit, VISA, MasterCard and Amex cards, including Contactless cards and NFC-enabled mobile devices.  Receipts are sent directly to the donor either by SMS or email.

The touch-screen can be customised to suit the brand identity of your charity. The user interface can be customised to prompt the customer to input contact data, and sign up to any individual charity initiatives you choose.


  • Reduced management costs compared to traditional volunteer-led fundraising
  • Reduce reliance on cash donations by accepting cards
  • Direct engagement eliminates third party donation collection costs
  • Customised decals and on-screen branding
  • Customised interface screens display your charity campaigns and achievements
  • Option for supporters to provide email address for future contact
  • 'Quick Donate' feature allows a card to be tapped without touch-screen interaction
  • New Channel extends customer reach
  • Portability enables you to move kiosk between high traffic areas.

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