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Supporting both dial-up and leased line networks, the SwiftComm Modem enables PINpads and PC based transaction gateways in retail stores to communicate with their financial acquirer hosts, either as a primary or redundant communications solution.

Traditional communications,

for simplicity & back-up






Reduced communications costs

The SwiftComm allows multiple PINpads to concurrently share a single dialup or leased line, reducing the number of communications services needed for EFTPOS communications.


Communications redundancy

For stores using primary IP or leased line communications, adding a SwiftComm Modem and telephone line to a store network delivers an efficient and diverse backup communication path direct to a financial acquirer.


Easy Setup and Diagnostics

Configuration of the SwiftComm Modem is managed using Quest's PC based subsystem, EftposPlus. LEDs positioned on the front panel of the device enable a user to quickly identify the communications status and troubleshoot network problems.

Small footprint

Designed to maximise available counter-space, the SwiftComm Modem is small enough to be mounted underneath a counter with a special mounting screw.


Australian Designed. Australian Manufactured.

The SwiftComm Modem is designed and built in Australia by Quest, Australia's only full-service EFTPOS hardware and software company.


Australia's leading integrated EFTPOS solution provider

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