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600 million Chinese consumers!

Over 1.2M Chinese visitors come to Australia each year and spend an average of $8,000 per visit. When combined with Chinese nationals and students residing in Australia,  merchants have a powerful incentive to offer the preferred Chinese method of payment - Alipay.

Alipay lets Chinese visitors use their mobile phones to pay in their local currency, whilst merchants receive their funds in Australian Dollars.

Quest makes accepting Alipay a breeze for merchants of any size!


600 million active Alipay users

1.2 million Chinese tourists  growing at 40 per annum1

$9.2 billion total spend2

$8,000 AUD spent per visit2

Projected spend by 2020 = $20b3

Sources: 1. Department of Immigration and Border Protection, December 2016. 2. Tourism Research Australia,

International Visitor Survey, December 2016 3. Tourism Australia, China Market Profile


The merchant starts the transaction from the Point of Sale (POS) the same way as an ordinary card transaction. Now it's over to the Payment Terminal and Customer!

1The Customer selects the Alipay option on the Payment Terminal.

2Customer then uses the Alipay app on the mobile phone to scan the QR code on the terminal and finalise the transaction.

3Transaction complete


Australian Provider

Quest bridge language, cultural and technical differences between Australia and China, providing a complete solution to accept Alipay (including transaction fees) This  means your only relationship is with Quest Payment Systems, a leading payment provider to Australian merchants since 1992.


Increase Customer Spend

Alipay users can pay directly from their Chinese bank accounts and have easy access to Alipay credit sources. High transaction thresholds allow users to spend more than legacy Chinese payment methods.

$AUD Settlement

Alipay lets Chinese visitors to pay in their local currency, with the merchant receiving their funds in Australian Dollars.


Alipay "Discover" Platform

Once a merchant accepts Alipay, their business can be found within the Alipay app. Chinese consumers can find your stores, pick up any available coupons and be exposed to your brand!


Technical support when you need it

Alipay Merchant support is available 7 days a week, 365 days a year.




Alipay advertises your store to Chinese consumers. Quest will setup your store's profile and can make your coupons and promotions available to Alipay users.

Discover Platform (Coupon)

Current exchange rate & promotions

Local stores

& restaurants

Discount coupons

Your Store on Alipay

Your store's profile

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  • What is Alipay?

    Alipay, is not just a payment app, but a lifestyle super app!

    Alipay lets users pay for goods and services both online and in store. It lets users book travel, taxis, Uber, pay for meals, utility bills, order movie tickets and much, much more. It also provides financial products such as investment and credit services, while facilitating person to person funds transfer in real time.

    Alipay is also a widespread form of payment in-store, with over 520 million active users able to pay at almost every shop and market stall in China. In 2016 Alipay processed $1.7 trillion USD and as a company is valued at over $60 billion USD.

    Due to its popularity and its integrated set of services, Alipay is now the preferred method of payment for Chinese tourists, students and foreign nationals when they travel abroad.

    Alipay has launched services in the US, Europe, and large parts of Asia, and has now recently made the leap into the Australian marketplace.

  • What is the relationship between Quest Payment Systems and Alipay?

    Quest Payment Systems, an established player in the Australian payments landscape, specialises in providing cutting-edge payment technology for merchants of all types.

    Quest and Alipay have partnered to ensure Alipay is available as a form of payment to all Quest merchants in retail, hospitality and services in the Australia/NZ region.

    Quest is the acquirer of Alipay transactions, meaning that a merchant’s relationship is with Quest. Quest will provide a merchant with the complete end-end Alipay solution. All fees and transaction charges are also billed by Quest and all support/settlement enquiries are handled by our subject matter experts.

    Merchants of any size can now easily accept Alipay and have Alipay payments settled in Australian dollars.

  • Why accept Alipay?

    Alipay allows merchants to offer Chinese tourists, students and foreign nationals a popular way of paying for goods and services in their own currency, at a great exchange rate and with their ‘own money’. Additionally, retailers and hospitality venues can offer discounts and coupons to entice Alipay users into their sites. This offers merchants a tangible method of increasing foot-traffic, so speak to Quest to help setup a campaign.

    Once in the store, Alipay’s transaction thresholds are typically higher than other legacy Chinese payment methods. Because of this, users are motivated to spend more than usual if Alipay is available.

    Merchant transaction fees are typically much lower than international credit cards.

    Quest do not charge setup, monthly or cancellation fees. Simply pay a small transaction fee when a customer pays by Alipay and start seeing the benefits of increased sales!

  • How easy is it to set up?

    Very easy! Quest has ensured the process for applying to accept Alipay is as seamless as possible. Contact us at, call 03 8807 4400 or use the below enquiry form on this page. We’ll be in touch shortly to discuss the best solution for you and provide you with an application form.

    Once the application form is complete, approval will hopefully only be 1-2 days away.

    Quest will then arrange to upgrade your payment terminal or send out your new Alipay terminal. Quest will also send you Alipay “accepted here” materials to display in your store, along with any installation instructions.

  • How can I make sure customer's know I accept Alipay?

    Once your application has been approved, Quest will send out a set of Alipay materials to display in your store:

    • Alipay ‘accepted here’ sticker for the front of your store/s

    • Alipay ‘accepted here’ POS stand to sit next to your registers/s

    It is important to display these prominently, as Alipay users are more likely to spend more if they know that Alipay is accepted from the time they enter your store.

  • How do I provide a receipt?

    Alipay receipts are just like normal EFTPOS receipts and are printed out along with your POS receipt.

  • Are Alipay transactions secure?

    Alipay transactions are extremely secure. Every transaction is authorised online to the Alipay host and every transaction is verified by the Alipay user on their mobile phone using a PIN, password or biometric identification.

    No sensitive data ever enters your store or network and there are no additional security or compliance efforts..

    In fact, at this point, Quest has not had an instance of fraud reported nor have we processed a single chargeback.

  • Is there a minimum contract length for Alipay?

    No, Quest do not have a minimum contract length for Alipay. Quest have also waived any setup or cancellation fees, so you can sign up now and stop accepting Alipay whenever you desire (although we don’t think you will!).

  • When do I receive my settlement for my Alipay transactions?

    Quest typically direct deposits settlement funds T+3. T+3 means Transaction Date (T) plus (+) three (3) business days.

    Depending on your bank, it may take a little longer for the funds to go through the banking systems and reach your account.

    Please Note: During Chinese holidays, such as Chinese New Year, settlement isn’t processed by Alipay and therefore your funds may be delayed. We will inform you by email of these holidays and how they will affect your settlement processing.

  • Why is the settlement in my bank account less than the total amount I processed?

    Alipay funds settle net of fees to the merchant. This means that your merchant service fees are deducted from your settlement before it is remitted to your bank account.

    As an example, if your fee for Alipay transactions is 1.76% including GST and you have completed a $100 Alipay transactions

    $100.00 less 1.76% = $98.24

    $98.24 would be the amount deposited into your bank account.

  • How can I view my transaction history?

    You can view your Alipay transactions using your existing EftposPlus or Cloud EFTPOS reporting. These transactions will be displayed with a card type of ‘Alipay’ and can be filtered and totalled accordingly.

    Note: For EftposPlus Enterprise versions below 6.6.100, all Alipay transactions will be reported as ‘Bankcard’. This option is only for those merchants unable to upgrade to the latest version of EftposPlus Enterprise and we highly recommend upgrading to receive the best possible reporting and configuration experience.

  • When do I receive my Alipay statement?

    You will receive your Alipay statement at the beginning of each month via email to your nominated contact address.

    Please contact Quest Support if you do not receive your statement.

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