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Tap-on-Phone for Android


Quest’s Tap-on-Phone technology allows approved merchants to simply download a supported app and use their existing Android mobile phone as a payment terminal.


Airpay TAP (Tap And PIN) is a tap-on-phone smart software solution (sometimes called Soft POS) that turns NFC-enabled Android smartphones, tablets and other handheld devices into payment terminals.


  • Device agnostic – runs on most modern Android devices
  • Tap and Go for low value
  • Tap and PIN for high value

Quest is a leading provider of payment technology and well known for the design, development, manufacture and support of secure payment terminals in Australia. CEO Jan Mason said  “The Tap-on-Phone solution has been developed in Australia by our in-house Innovation team and provides a total ecosystem to ensure security of the contactless transaction in the same way a traditional terminal does today.”

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Airpay TAP works with:


Airpay is an innovative mobile payment and invoicing app that provides your SME business with an enhanced mobile selling and invoicing experience.


Optimised for small retailers, market stalls, and tradies; Airpay simplifies the process of accepting money from clients.



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Fundraising for your charity has never been easier! With Donation Point Mobile, your charity can accept contactless donations… anytime, anywhere!


As the number of people carrying cash continues to decline, accepting donations through contactless cards, phones & wearables now plays an imperative role in the future of fundraising. Donation Point Mobile provides both a simple and easy mobile interface for collecting and recording donations.


To learn more about Airpay TAP, visit airpaytap.com

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