In today’s competitive marketplace, capturing new business and retaining customer loyalty are integral to a successful enterprise. The Redeem electronic card based Giftcard system can help deliver these goals by providing a secure, flexible and robust gift card processing platform for your business.


Redeem allows the merchant to retain all the funds including any residual value that remains on a gift card. All cards hold no value until they are activated and the gift card value is stored electronically on Quest’ s central servers.

Giftcard Processing Solution



No separate Bank accounts or float

Redeem doesn’t require you to open additional bank accounts or maintain a float to cover your gift card liability.


A fully managed service

Redeem is fully managed by Quest, with no ongoing management fees


Funds stay with you!

All gift card funds remain with you, the Merchant.


Easy implementation service

Redeem is flexible, and can often be implemented without any POS changes. Advanced implementation options are also available for a more tailored solution.


Communications options

Redeem supports connections using Internet, Private IP, VPN, dialup PSTN and X.25.


Consolidated support

Quest provides a one-stop shop for the support of both your EFTPOS and gift card solutions.


Boost Gift card sales

Redeem is accessible to selected third party gift card malls, which can enable the sale of your cards by other retailers.

Powerful web portal

A secure and comprehensive web portal is available for real time management of all aspects of your gift card solution.


Card balance enquiry

Gift card enquires can be conducted by customers online via your website, or in store through your POS.


Flexible business rules

Apply a variety of business parameters to the whole program, a particular card or to a batch of cards.


Multi currency

Redeem supports multiple currencies within a single gift card program. You can easily manage foreign exchange rates through the Redeem Web Portal.


Multi-Language support

Redeem supports multiple languages, allowing your solution to seamlessly span physical and linguistic borders.


Additional services

Quest can provide optional additional services including artwork design and end-to-end card and wallet production, through to a fully-customised and automated Interactive Voice Response (IVR) service for offline processing and customer balance enquiries.

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